Everyone is talking about the Smart Factory, but what is a Smart Factory? Here are five facts that capture the character of the Smart Factory in a nutshell.

1. The Smart Factory is transparent

Thanks to comprehensive data collection, you can see at any time how smoothly production is running and identify any current issues. KPIs are an essential instrument to gain an overview. For this purpose, all relevant data is recorded straight away and without any detours. There are no media disruptions or any paper in the Smart Factory. Data is collected and processed digitally.

2. The Smart Factory can react

Nowadays, changes are the order of the day and malfunctions have always been a major challenge in everyday production. However, transparency and effective planning tools help to ensure that the Smart Factory still functions efficiently. Any malfunction or change can be dealt with accordingly. The digitization of planning processes plays an essential role.

3. The Smart Factory is self-regulating

Elementary interrelationships can be mapped as a control loop. This frees the operator in the Smart Factory from routine activities and allows them to focus on value creation. Intuitive software tools support the operator in consistently making the right decisions. To achieve this, all processes are mapped as digital workflows from end to end.

4. The Smart Factory is networked

In the Smart Factory, previously separate systems are now networked to make the complexity of today’s manufacturing processes manageable. Correlating data and connecting applications provides greater transparency and efficiency. This would certainly be impossible without digitization of data processing.

5. The Smart Factory is individual

Even if standardization plays an important role in the Smart Factory, each industry and company have their own individual characteristics. To ensure that these requirements are not incompatible, standard applications of the Smart Factory can be customized using simple tools and without any programming at all.

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Besides theoretical correlations, we will also show you which steps other manufacturing companies have taken on their way to the Smart Factory and what achievements they have been able to record.

Author: MPDV GmbH

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